Getaway Hard Cider

“This Must Be the Place"

It’s a better way to Getaway! But Getaway from what you ask? How about from sugar? And gluten? And every other run-of-the-mill cider you see on the shelf?

Getaway Cider is the only zero-sugar and low-calorie hard cider produced in British Columbia.

Ours is an approachable hybrid recipe, utilizing Pacific Northwest apples for ciders that are rich in flavour and low in calories. We naturally ferment each batch down to zero sugar, so it’s dry and refreshing with just the faintest hint of sweetness. It’s a cider that everyone can enjoy.

Getaway: Reinvigorating Cider since 2020!

Getaway Mix Pack

5% ABV

Our Zero Sugar Apple is joined by our Zero Sugar Pear and Pineapple ciders for this mix pack’s inaugural trip to your refrigerator! In addition to being zero-sugar, all three flavours are gluten-free and carb-free, and crushable right down to the last drop. An even better way to Getaway!

Zero Sugar Cider

5% ABV

This is the only zero-sugar, gluten-free and carb-free hard cider that delivers a dry, invigorating alternative to every other cider, RTD and beer on the market. Light in body and crisp to the finish, our Zero Sugar Cider has just the faintest hint of sweetness to round out a truly refreshing brew.

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