Getaway Hard Cider

“This Must Be the Place"

It’s a better way to Getaway! But Getaway from what you ask? How about from sugar? And gluten?

Getaway Cider is the only zero-sugar, gluten free and full flavoured dry cider. It’s a cider that everyone can enjoy.

Getaway: Reinvigorating Cider since 2020!

Getaway Mix Pack

5% ABV

Quench your thirst with this delicious cider mix pack. Featuring our full-flavoured ciders such as Apple, Pear and Pineapple – all zero sugar, gluten free and crushable right down to the last drop!

Apple Zero Sugar Cider

5% ABV

Sit back and Getaway with our original dry apple cider that is gluten free, contains zero-sugar and is light in body and crisp to the finish. You’ll be reaching for this full flavoured cider on all occasions!

Pineapple Zero Cider

5% ABV

What tastes like summer but is perfect to drink all year long? Our Getaway Pineapple Cider! Zero sugar, gluten free and full flavoured – you can sip this refreshing blend of pineapples and apples for a crushable spin on our classic hard cider.

Pear Zero Sugar Cider

5% ABV

Say cheers to delicious pears and crispy apples cider that is light yet full of flavour. Zero sugar, gluten free and easy to drink, Getaway Pear Cider won’t disappoint.

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